About INFO

The livelihood of millions of families in developing and emerging economies is dependent on the production of the Natural Fibers Abaca (Banana), Coir (Coconut), Jute, Kenaf, Sisal and other allied fibers such as Ramie.

These fibers are often produced in rural areas under challenging conditions. In order to collectively learn and to share for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders it was decided by a group of active members of natural fiber producers from Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Tanzania to form the: International Natural Fiber Organization (INFO). Recently producers from China, Kenya and Haiti have joined the efforts of INFO to strengthen the international position of JACKS+ fibers (Jute, Abaca, Coir, Kenaf, Sisal fiber including Ramie fiber).

We welcome you to join our international efforts to contribute towards a more sustainable world based on People, Planet and Prosperity for all.

The International Natural Fiber Organization (INFO) is an association of the Public and Private sector producers of Jute, Abaca, Coir, Kenaf and Sisal fibers including allied fibers such as Ramie (JACKS+). The association represents a major volume of the world production of these renewable and natural fibers.

The key members of the association played a driving and instrumental role in the UN General assembly declaring the International Year of Natural Fibers of 2009. The ambition of the platform is the continuation of activities to strengthen the international position of JACKS+ fibers in order to improve the livelihood of millions of JACKS+ fiber producers worldwide.